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DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions
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Benefits of MPS with Wep Solutions:

As an MPS provider, Wep Solutions first understands the current pain areas of the clients in management of printers and other imaging devices, and then provides customised solution to each of its clients. With the value propositions being provided by Wep Solutions, clients reap following benefits:

  • Multi – location, Single-window Support:

    With many customers, a common problem identified is the multi-location support of printers by multiple vendors. Wep Solutions provides a single – window support with an easy call logging option which takes care of support across 1,500 locations across the country spanning to the remotest villages,with no extra cost to the client.

  • One Stop MPS :

    Wep Solutions is ‘brand agnostic’ and can provide MPS on any make, model or type of Copier, Printer (Laser, DeskJet, Dot Matrix , Line Matrix Printers, etc) and Scanner.

  • Monitoring & Control:

    With usage of MIS and a defined set of Print Policies, clients can control the wastage and avoid unauthorised printing. Security and confidentiality of the documents are ensured with various utilities.

  • Optimisation:

    Wep Solutions not only provides MPS by deploying various types of imaging devices, but also provides MPS on the existing devices of the clients. An assessment of the assets is done and a blue print for optimisation and right- sizing is prepared in a phased manner.

  • Cost Reduction:

    There is an assured reduction in the current operating and capital expenses in procuring and managing the printer fleet. During fresh requirements while business is expanding or repeat requirements when a device reaches end of life, Wep Solutions deploys the printers at no additional investment by the client.

  • Productivity Enhancement & Peace of Mind:

    IT personnel can concentrate better on core tasks & activities.

  • Wep Solutions as a partner in Go Green initiative:

    With the supply of eco-friendly printers, monitored and controlled printing environment, and processing of e-waste ensuring used printers, consumables, spares do not go to the land fill if partnered with a professional e-waste management company.Wep Solutions thus helps clients Go Green.

  • Customer-centric operations policy

    • A single window solution for multi-location support under a single contract

    • Reducing maintenance costs associated with printing and copying

    • Reducing staff time related to support the imaging devices

    • Having control over cost of printing

    • Various customized reports to optimize printing infrastructure

    • Avail the next level solutions of MPS like secure printing, follow me printing, color printing etc.

    • Secure elimination of e- waste with no hassles

    Choice among many high-value and popular brands of equipments and consumables.

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