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DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions DataNetSystem – Home UPS, Power Inverters,  Printers & Retail Solutions
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Managed Print Services

1) Asset Plus Solution (APS)

Wep Solutions started the MPS business with Asset Plus Solution, offering the customers with absolutely no capital investment from them.The company monitors and understands the customer’s current printing / imaging requirement and deploys printers/ copiers/ scanners to meet the same.

Asset Plus Solution is offered on a 'zero capital' basis in which the printers are deployed at the customer's premises and commercials are on a 'Pay Per Page' basis.

Under APS, printers are provided to the clients as and when required, and at any location across the country. This includes Laser printers, Multi-function printers, Color printers, Dot-Matrix Printers, Line-matrix printers, Deskjets, Photocopiers, Scanners among others.

* We offer color printing in Asset Plus Solution

2) Full Solution (FS)

As the MPS business grew and customer expectation with MPS increased, Wep Solutions decided to leverage on the expertise and explore the opportunities of managing the customer’s existing printer infrastructure. Under Full Solution, a complete assessment is conducted and analysis on the current set up of the client is done to suggest optimization for the control and monitoring of the documents.

  • Solution on existing asset: Providing MPS on customer’s existing printers on 'Pay Per Page' basis.

  • Sell asset and provide solution: Wep Solutions can sell new printers and then manage it on ‘Pay Per Page’ basis.

Full Solution includes supply of toners, consumables, maintenance kits, plastic parts, maintenance and upkeep of printers. It also includes replacement of the printers as and when they reach end of life.

* We offer color printing in Full Solution

3) Bulk Printing Solutions (BPS)

Bulk Printing Solution comprises of the large scale printing for the customer. Wep Solutions has print centers set up for large scale printing of the customer. BPS can be provided either offsite or onsite at the client site based on the criticality and confidentiality of the data to be printed.

  • Onsite Printing: Wep Solutions takes up bulk printing at the customer site by deploying printers/ copiers/ scanners during the project period to ensure the security of the documents

  • Offsite Printing: Incase customer’s data is 'low-key' or 'non-proprietary' in nature, company offers off-site printing solution that involves the execution of imaging and finishing the job at the Print Centers across the country.

* We offer color printing in Bulk Printing Solution

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